Submission Series: How It’s Done

  • Both NewPages and The Review Review post calls for submissions for magazines in their classified sections.
  • Entropy runs a quarterly “Where to Submit” list on their site.
  • You can also subscribe to Duotrope, which is a database containing information about thousands of literary magazines and journals.
  • Use the appropriate editor’s name in your opening address (you can find this on their website, usually on the masthead page),
  • Briefly state your intention (“I am submitting my poems XYZ for consideration for a future issue of Lit Mag Name.”)
  • If this is a simultaneous submission, let them know here, but you don’t have to say where else you’re sending your work. (“These poems are simultaneous submissions but I will inform you promptly should they be accepted elsewhere and need to be withdrawn.”)
  • Do not describe your poems or give your life story. If you choose, you can give a very brief third-person biographical note (generally 50–100 words). But this is usually optional.
  • Briefly thank the editor(s) for considering and reading your work.
  • Close with your first and last name, and your contact information.
  • The titles of the poems you submitted.
  • The title of the publication to which you submitted them.
  • The date you submitted the poems.
  • The submission fee you paid (if any).
  • The type of response you receive (acceptance, personalized rejection, form rejection, or author withdrawal).
  • Blind submissions: If a publication says that submissions must be blind, that means that no identifying information is allowed to appear on your submission document: no name or contact information, either within the document or even in the file name.
  • Simultaneous submissions: This refers to submitting the same poems to multiple publications at the same time. Most journals accept this practice, but you must inform them about it in your cover letter. And, as mentioned numerous times above, you must also be responsible about withdrawing poems promptly if they are accepted at one publication while under consideration at others.



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