Check out Tell Tell’s interview with author, retired attorney, and self-publishing guru Helen Sedwick!

If you have recently self-published your book or are thinking about self-publishing, you need Helen Sedwick in your life. If you aren’t already familiar, Helen Sedwick is a retired business attorney and author, and her self-help guide for authors, Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook, has been our publishing bible for years. So we were so thrilled to interview Helen and ask her all our burning questions.

During our conversation, we were able to talk to Helen about the questions we get most often from our authors, and…

Woohoo! Your book is out in the world, but now you have to figure out how to market that collection. Read on for all the marketing goods you’ll want to bookmark.

You finally have your beautiful book-baby in your arms! She’s perfect: the glossy cover, the interior design, and your fine words — your very own collection. And like every proud parent, all you want to do now is show your creation off to the world! But maybe you’re a first-time parent and aren’t quite sure how to prepare your book for a life of her own. The good news…

We interviewed Emily Cayer, co-editor at Tiny Seed Literary Journal, to get some tips about submitting nature-inspired poems! Check out what she said about the poems she likes to publish and what she looks for in submissions.

Trees in the forest.
Trees in the forest.

As we emerge from the chill and dark of winter and enter the warmer months here in the Northern Hemisphere, we’ve found trees, birds, flowers, and everything bright and wild showing up in our poems. Are you writing nature-inspired poems, too? Or maybe in the midst of climate crisis, you’ve found fear as much as praise in your work. Either way, if you’ve…

Going through a publishing company isn’t the only way to get your book out into the world. Discover Tell Tell’s tips on how to get your self-published poetry collection in bookstores. We break it down for you in seven steps!

Bookstore bookcase filled with books.
Bookstore bookcase filled with books.

Self-publishing comes with several benefits, particularly for new poets and authors. And while it makes it possible for new writers to share their work with the world, amplifying your reach and growing your audience can be difficult compared to the traditional publishing route. But even if you self-publish, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your collection into bookstores! …

Are you a fan of haiku poems and Japanese short forms? We interviewed a few of our favorite haiku journals and here is what they said!

There’s nothing like the succinct impact of a haiku poem to instantly hone your attention on the present moment and to remind you of words’ inexhaustible magic (to quote Dumbledore!). So if you’re as fond of the form as we are, have been writing your own haiku poem, and feel ready to send out your work, check out our conversations with a few of our favorite haiku poem/Japanese short-form journals. …

Developing a media kit might sound scary, but we got you. Create a rock star media kit in no time and start promoting your self-published poetry collection.

Woman on lap top and another two women (one writing and the other sitting and crossing her legs), working together to think of marketing ideas.
Woman on lap top and another two women (one writing and the other sitting and crossing her legs), working together to think of marketing ideas.

As a poet (or as a person, really), the idea of developing a media kit and getting exposure can seem scary. And while it may be out of your comfort zone, it can’t be overstated: developing a media kit is a crucial component in spreading the message that you’re a published poet, that your work is available and out in the world, and that people should read it. …

At Tell Tell Poetry we LOVE feminist poetry! Check out our interview with Brenna Crotty, editor of CALYX journal, along with our list of our favorite feminist publications. It’s time to start submitting!

In a field dominated by men for so long, it gives us great joy to see the proliferation of feminist publications in the literary world! You have so many options when it comes to submitting your feminist poems. We interviewed Brenna Crotty, editor of one of our favorite journals, CALYX. …

Prepare for a launch using social media and your email list to promote your self-published poetry collection!

Gone are the days of stuffy formal events; now it’s all about authentic communication where people live (on their cell phones). Let’s talk about how you can use your social media channels and email list to promote your self-published poetry collection.

Before everything…

Remember all of that pre-work we recommended you do to grow your social media following and email list? Yeah, it’s going to come in handy big time here. Having an organic following in place will make sure people see your message when…

JD read a poem from MASK FOR MASK, coming out super soon! They also pulled a card for us, so you’re not gonna want to miss this!

JD Scott wrote a brilliant book, so we chatted about the biz of publishing, what it takes to get your work accepted (cough 70 rejections cough), what it’s like marketing a poetry collection, and why you have to have a whole lot of gumption to make your poetry collection sell.

Oh yeah, and JD also pulled a card for you, so check it out!

JD also recommends some books you might like…

Grow your audience and promote your work using paid ads on social media. Start selling your work even before your book comes out with these tips.

Poet using social media on their computer and smart phone to promote their work.
Poet using social media on their computer and smart phone to promote their work.

Why use paid ads on social media?

The easiest answer is that paid social media advertising works, and the stats don’t lie. According to Hootsuite, 27% of internet users find new products and brands through paid social media ads. When it comes to paid ads, there are two metrics that indicate the success of your ad: impressions and engagement. Impressions are the total number of times your ad has been seen; and engagements are comments, likes, shares, and other ways viewers…

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